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Siti keen to have children

Siti keen to have children


KUALA LUMPUR: Pop queen Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, who is often asked if she is pregnant, is seeing specialists.
Almost a year after her extravagant wedding to businessman Datuk KhalidMuahamad Jiwa, Siti said she is seeking expert advice and “leaving therest to fate”.

“It used to be a burden to keep hearing the same question, but I suppose I’m getting used to it,” she said.
“All I can say is I am seeing specialists to get advice and therest, we’ll have to leave it to God.” Siti said she can’t wait to haveher own children.
“Some people wait three or four years, some even six or seven years.I hope I don’t have to wait that long.” On her marriage to Khalid, shesaid it has been good.
“My life is calmer now. Our journey together has only been foralmost a year, and we’re learning many things about each other witheach passing day. Things like mutual respect and understanding arevital and so far, so good.” Siti said marriage has taught her toappreciate and manage time.
“My life is a lot more meaningful now.” On where they would becelebrating their fi rst anniversary, Siti let out a laugh and shruggedher shoulders.
“I don’t know if there are any plans, but whatever it is, let it bea surprise.” Rumour has it that the couple will be taking some precioustime off their busy schedules for a romantic getaway planned by Khalidto Bali.
Coincidentally, Siti’s calendar for August is less packed than the other months.
“So far I have only one show, and that’s only because of anendorsement. I’ll leave the plans to Datuk K,” she said with a grin.
source: Malay Mail


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