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Musical about P. Ramlee’s life

Musical about P. Ramlee’s life

By : B. Dharshini

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza will make her acting debut in ‘Remy ...Kisah P. Ramlee’.
Datuk Siti Nurhaliza will make her acting debut in ‘Remy …Kisah P. Ramlee’.

KUALA LUMPUR: After the success of last year’s Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical (PGLM), which bagged eight BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (theatre section) including for best director, best set design and best original story, Enfiniti Productions is embarking on a new musical and this time it’s the story of the nation’s greatest and much-loved entertainment icon, Tan Sri P. Ramlee.

Revolving around the life, loves and inspiration of the late artiste, the musical titled Remy … Kisah P. Ramlee (Remy … The Story of P. Ramlee) is a huge undertaking for executive producer Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina — seeing that some of P. Ramlee’s contemporaries are still around — but with the same dynamic team behind PGLM, Remy looks set to be another hit.

Co-directed by Zahim Albakri and Adlin Aman Ramlie (also lyricist and bookwriter), the musical features composer Dick Lee, who will pen original songs for Remy, choreographer Pat Ibrahim, production designer Raja Malek and producer Boudeng Edruce.

Taking on the role of Remy — which, incidentally, was P. Ramlee’s nickname — is talented West End and award-winning singer Sean Ghazi.

Actress Melissa Saila, who returns to the stage after a long hiatus, plays his first wife Junaidah while singer Liza Hanim is Saloma (his third wife). However the real coup for Enfiniti must be getting Datuk Siti Nurhaliza to play Azizah (P. Ramlee’s first love).

They are supported by a new crop of artistes including Chedd Yusuf (winner of ntv7’s Audition), who plays P. Ramlee’s best friend Sukardi, vocal group Infinatez (finalists of TV3’s GangStarz) playing paparazzi and Alam (winner of 8TV’s So You Think You Can Dance), whose role has yet to be confirmed.

All the cast members, except for Siti, were at the press conference to announce the Remy line-up recently.

In a recorded statement, Siti said: “This will be my first theatre experience. With the guidance of Zahim and Adlin, I hope I’ll be able to do this well.”

To be staged at Istana Budaya from Oct 17 to Nov 3, Remy, said Tiara, would reveal a side of P. Ramlee that people did not know about.

“We will tell stories of his life that are not known to his fans. Remy will also be a good introduction of the man to the present generation, who have probably only heard of him but have no idea of how great he was,” added Tiara.


source: the new straits times online


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