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Pop star moved to tears by girl

Touched by heart transplant patient, Siti Nurhaliza urges Malaysian public to donate their organs
November 16, 2007

SHE has to wear a mask in the presence of visitors.

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Still, there was no mistaking the joy on the face of Malaysia’s heart transplant girl Tee Hui Yi when she met her idol, Siti Nurhaliza, on Tuesday morning.

Hui Yi’s eyes sparkled when Malaysia’s pop sensation showed up at the National Heart Institute.

Hui Yi was speechless. The 14-year-old had only learnt about the visit a while ago, reported The Star.

‘Have you had your breakfast?’ asked Siti, breaking the ice.

Hui Yi giggled and nodded her head.

Accompanied by her parents, Hui Yi was initially shy and hid behind her mother.

After both warmed up to each other, the star invited Hui Yi to attend her concert after she has fully recovered.

The young fan quickly wrote down her contact number and passed it to the artiste, adding: ‘I hope you will continue singing.’

The Malaysian pop queen was touched by Hui Yi’s courage and determination, and cried during the visit, reported The Star.

The two then posed for pictures together and exchanged a warm hug.

‘I am praying for your speedy recovery and I hope to see you at my concert very soon,’ she told Hui Yi.

Siti, who was accompanied by MCA deputy president Chan Kong Choy and his wife, Datin Seri Ann Chan, presented the girl with an autographed copy of her latest album, Pastikan, before she left.

The Chans gave the teenager a stalk of purple orchid, a basket of fruits and a handbook on qi gong.

Siti told reporters that she had wanted to meet Hui Yi after learning of the girl’s wish to see her.

Since Hui Yi’s story made the headlines last month, more donors have come forward to pledge their organs.

Datuk Seri Chan had called Siti’s husband, Datuk Seri Khalid Mohamad Jiwa, on Monday night to make the arrangements for the visit.

‘I am happy to see Hui Yi making good progress. She is a very cheerful and strong girl,’ added Siti, urging the public to pledge their organs for donations after their deaths.


‘Do not hesitate as it could bring a new life for those in need,’ she said.

Hui Yi had received a heart from a 15-year-old boy diagnosed as brain dead on 4 Oct.

But soon after the operation, her body started rejecting the new heart.

The next day, she got the heart of a 20-year-old mechanic who was declared brain dead after a road accident in Johor Baru.

Hui Yi is due to be discharged from the hospital in two weeks.

source: the electric new paper


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