Hadiah Daripada Hati


Calmille was created on 26 April 2004, the date the Greeks enter Troy using the Trojan Horse. Calmille was first registered on a site, currently named Forum Siti Voice of Asia the same day the creation. Our strong admiration towards Siti Nurhaliza is divinely immortal as this is the first forum we’ve ever been.

First starting as an unknown forumer, we learned the importance of being patience and ‘think-before-reply’. There was a few incident when we faced a couple of forumer so-called ntct. Thankfully, there was a moderator that has done his/her job brilliantly and we’ve met a lot of Siti’s fan that then introduced us to a new site that is officially managed by Siti Nurhaliza Production itself.

When we first laid our very own eyes on Siti Nurhaliza’s official website, Sitizone.com, it has come to our mind that this is going to be the biggest yet glamourous portal for amateur de Siti. There, everybody is somebody and we’ve rencontré a few famous forumer that is widely known over the www. We’ve been in the house for over a couples of month, and yet, our passion is limitless.

From Sitizone.com, we’re expanding our dynastie to Forum Cari, a forum that provides from A to Z, from Prada to Micheal Ong. 10 September 2004, the day we registered on Forum Cari, apparently the same date that The X-Files premiers on FOX(not the same year of course). It was a day before the anniversaire de onze semptembre and yet, there was a local-war at Forum Cari. It was actually the reason why we joined Forum Cari, to defend Siti Nurhaliza from Miss – I’m – right – y’all. It was a great encounter though, we have to admit it, because forumers in Forum Cari are more straight-forward, rather than caring about other’s opinion, that was how it works at Forum Cari.

After a few months centered in the limelight, we were big enough to be known as karatz siti comme disait quelqu’un. It was ni an honour ni a compliment ni a curse for us. It was nothing since we’re smart enough to put it aside. But il faut remember, participating in the discussion is sometimes pretty délicat. We have to have a rule in our mind. DO NOT fall into the wrong side, because basically there are two groups of forumer and two boards of a kind. It’s like two nations with their citoyens, fighting each other, trying to proove who’s who. We won’t mention the name of the board, but if you’re Siti’s fan, you know what we’re talking about. Comparing that board to a nation is wisely proven since they have their leader, manipulating over the newbies. Every discussion on that board is controlled, well it might sounds normal to you, but when we said controlled, we mean dangerously biased. Cute right?

Lame seems to be our loving motto. “That’s so lame”, “How lame is that?”, “That’s extremely lame”, “LAME” ou encore “Hun/Darl, that’s lame!”. We cannot deny that this motto brought our name to another level, causing our popularity to pop up like a popcorn(Calmille knows how to make one). Our image has been a benchmark for ntcts, comparing us to another forumer. We have been marked as super karatz(c’est pas nouveau). We know that we have not only friends from Siti’s fan, but camarades from ntct’s side aswell. All these forumer are our motivation to stand still and speak out our brain loudly. It’s been a pleasure to know them.

We almost forget to mention that we’ve been participate in severals forum such as Forum AMnet, Forum CTonline, Forum SimplySiti, and the list goes on. We’ve just emerged from Dolce to Gucci. We won’t stop and we’ll be all over the net.


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