Hadiah Daripada Hati

Queen Siti

Malaysia has witnessed it all, we all know her very well and she has been the iconic person for over a decade. Yes, Siti Nurhaliza (born January 11, 1979) is a public figure that has contributed to nation.

Before entering the music industry, Siti is known as an event-singer in her hometown. She performed at local events with traditional repertoire under her belt and her mom has motivated her. Keep in mind, she started her early career with traditional repertoire.

Realizing she has a lot to share, she participated in numerous singing competitions, including the infamous RTM’s Bintang HMI. In 1995, she was awarded the Champion of 1995 Bintang HMI with a song “Camar Yang Pulang”. Freshly crowned, Siti has been contacted by Suria Records to record an album. The interesting about this, is that the deal was signed at Siti’s home, a not-so-common move by any production. This proved that Siti is some sort of a gold mine.

Siti then teamed up with the most-known composer Adnan Abu Hassan who helped Siti on her vocal training. After a few months recording, Siti has finally launched her first album that will marks the industry forever.

The self-titled album was a great success due to her vocal quality and the production’s strategy. Her first single, Jerat Percintaan stormed the nation with a frenzy demand. Malaysia has found it’s treasure.

Siti continues on making her album, notably Siti Nurhaliza II and along the way, she has explored all type of repertoire, but only one would kept her satisfied : traditional repertoire. For her traditional debut album, Siti has collaborated with Pak Ngah Suhaimi. Together, they made an album titled Cindai in 1997. The first album-titled single hit Malaysia like a meteorite hits the Earth. Cindai has quickly been the most outstanding song in the 90’s era.

Her first album to be crowned as Malaysia’s Best Album was Adiwarna. Adiwarna gathered a strings of singles notably Purnama Merindu which was the song that Siti performed in Shanghai Music Festival.

After eleven years of conquering the industry, Siti has finally found her true love, Khalid Mohd Jiwa. It was on July 17, 2006 Siti revealed her love story to Malaysia by holding a press conference. This conference was transfered live to Malaysian screens by TV3. This was the first conference of that type to be telecasted live in Malaysia.

After announcing her story, Siti made the internet-users went wild. She has quickly become the most searchable celebrity over the net and she is Malaysia’s first person to be listed in google top searches. The next day, Siti made all the frenzy media attention, placing Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding on the front page of every news paper.

The engagement and the akad nikah was held at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan on August 21,2006. This even was also telecasted live and garnered more than 2 millions viewers. The reception date was set on August 28, 2006. Between the dates, TV3 has launched a numerous programs dedicated to the pop darling, notably Siti Nurhaliza…Tiada Rahsia where Siti was the first invitée.

The date was finally here, and Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding was listed as one of the top celebrities wedding on Yahoo Buzz.

After getting married, Siti stormed the nation with a numerous news, gossips, controversies but Calmille will always be with The Queen, Siti Nurhaliza.


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